Diversity can take many forms- from being a member of a cultural minority to being someone who just sees life differently than our current social and political norms.  In Focus Counseling values diverse points of view and identities.  It is important to offer clients a space where their ideas and identities can be explored, affirmed, and celebrated.

Members of minority groups often experience unique perspectives on social and political constructs, community interactions, love and relationships, spirituality, definitions of family, and life trajectories.  

We sometimes find ourselves living in spaces with strict expectations for what we should believe, how we should present our identities and ideas, how we should interact with our community, and who it is okay to love.  It takes a tremendous amount of courage for diverse people to live authentically and without apology for who they are.


In Focus Counseling is here to help you or a loved one with unique needs and concerns related to:

  • Overcoming shame related to strict social constructs
  • Cultivating your unique perspective on life
  • Developing a supportive social network
  • Reconciling faith and new ways of thinking
  • Carving out an authentic identity
  • Mental health concerns resulting from systemic and institutional oppression

Additionally, In Focus Counseling offers services that are affirming for members of the LGBTQ community.  Identifying as LGBTQ is about much more than sexuality. The community has grown and redefined itself to offer space for those who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, queer, asexual, polysexual, and more.  The LGBTQ community is constantly adapting and evolving as expectations for equality, dignity, and inclusion grow.

Identifying as LGBTQ in the South can be complicated.  While some urban areas in the South are becoming more inclusive and safe for their diverse members, many in the community still live in rural areas where they may feel alone, targeted, or serve as the “token” representative for a community they have little connection with.

In Focus Counseling offers support for LGBTQ concerns related to:

  • Coming out and adjusting to a new identity
  • Gender transition support
  • Forming healthy relational connections
  • Redefining hetero-normative expectations for gender expression, relationships, and identity
  • Stressors related to bullying at school and work
  • Exploring new ways of expressing gender
  • Depression, anxiety, stress related to minority status

For people who identify as transgender, In Focus Counseling is providing counseling and support for Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT).

If you are a member of a diverse community and are living in an isolated or rural area, In Focus Counseling offers services online!  Email today to inquire about online counseling sessions.

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